Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Top Publications "Double Album"

Since 2006, approximately 250 of my short stories, personal essays, and journalistic writings on various arts have been published. My work has appeared in 35 different outlets over this time. Following is a list of 20 of these writings about which I feel the best. I'm presenting these publications like I'm a band putting out a greatest hits collection. And it's a double album. I just wish I had the perfect gatefold sleeve to include.

So here goes:

Side A: Short Fiction and Pieces on Visual Art

Track 1: My short story collection The Notes and Other Stories, 2020

link to listing

Track 2: "The Notes," winner of short story competition held by Jerry Jazz Musician, 2008

Track 3: Short story "White Summer" for Retreats From Oblivion, 2018

Track 4: Artist profile piece on sculptor Hein Koh for Widewalls magazine, 2019

Track 5: Artist profile piece on sculptor Juliette Clovis for Widewalls magazine, 2020

Side B: Articles on Books and Writers

Track 1: Biographical piece on novelist Pascal Garnier for Criminal Element, 2018

Track 2: Piece on novelist Malcolm Braly for Literary Hub/Crime Reads, 2016

Track 3: Feature on novelist John Trinian for hard copy book Girl Gangs, Biker Boys, and Real Cool Cats: Pulp Fiction and Youth Culture 1950-1980 (PM Press, 2017) (print only)

link to book listing

Track 4: Piece on novelist Jason Starr for Mystery Scene magazine, 2018 (print only)

Track 5: Feature on novelist Robert Deane Pharr for hard copy book Sticking it to the Man: Revolution and Counterculture in Pulp and Popular Fiction, 1950-1980 (PM Press, 2019) (print only)

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Side C: Articles on Music

Track 1: Piece on garage bands in the movies for Shindig! magazine special issue, 2009 (print only)

Track 2: Piece on Blackwater Holylight for It's Psychedelic Baby, 2019

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Track 3: Piece on Funkadelic for Shindig! magazine, 2009 (print only)

Track 4: Interview with Susan Jacks for Scram Magazine, 2006

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Track 5: Label profile piece on Light in the Attic for Shindig Magazine, 2011 (print only)

Side D: Articles on Film

Track 1: Piece on Mimsy Farmer for Shindig! magazine, 2010 (print only)

Track 2: Piece on Pam Grier for Crime Reads, 2018

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Track 3: Page-to-Screen piece on the movie Blow-Up and the short story it's based on, for Criminal Element, 2017

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Track 4: Essay on the movie Sarah T.-Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic for Cinema Retro, 2019

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Track 5: Piece on Pinky Violence film genre for Criminal Element, 2016

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