Friday, March 6, 2020

New Short Story Collection

I have combined my three short story chapbooks into one overall book, The Notes and Other Stories.

The collection contains 12 stories that are all self-contained, yet interconnected. The stories are all told in the first person by a single narrator, and they involve life situations of the narrator's from middle childhood through early-to-middle adulthood. Explored and illuminated in the tales are matters such as: geographical displacement, sexual awakening, karma, teenage delinquency, first love, first experience with grief over the death of someone, uneasy letting go of emotional attachments, complicated friendships that cross boundaries, mental illness and how it can affect a whole family, children growing up in an emotional wilderness, anxiety disorder, primal gratification shadowed by looming dread, quiet desperation, communicating to the outer world in any which way, the problem of helping those who can't be helped, an eternal return, random hostility, and a quiet, patient source of warmth and hope.

link to the listing

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